SNOWBIZ!Whoa, what a week it has been. I’m sending good vibes out to all and a promise I personally won’t give up the fight for us. My holiday show is coming early this year because I’ll be back in Australia in Dec. I think we, and I mean me too, need to be in a room with friends and family and with good energy. Please join me for a showbiz respite Nov. 25, the day after Thanksgiving for two holiday shows. It’s also my birthday, so it will be a double whammy. Buy tix here!


BRIDGET!Hey friends! Excited to announce I’ll be joining my pal superstar BRIDGET EVERETT on her Pound It tour Nov 3-12 in a bunch of cities. Check out the show page for tickets! I’m telling you, you have to see Bridget’s live show, there is nothing like it. You’ll experience awe, fear, delight and showbiz. Please come and see the show and get tix advance. I’ll be doing an opening comedy set. If you haven’t already, check out Bridget on LADY DYNAMITE on Netflix and her special on Comedy Central.

THE REGRETTES – “Hey Now!” video

Oh yes, Cameo King appears again…but this time with the LA cool kids! I met Lydia, the lead singer of The Regrettes, at her Dad’s (Morgan Night) house where the Peaches video was filmed. Well, when the Warner Bros. newly signed The Regrettes got the green light to make a video, they called in MR. Showbiz! I play an old-school TV host stuck in the past..and I stage dive too. Read up on the band and check out their music! LA Times Talks to Regrettes

Peaches ‘Vaginoplasty’ – Video

Friends! The Cameo King strikes again. I love Peaches and have since the day I met her many (many) years ago. Her music..yeah, incredible. She has a new album out called RUB and yours truly appears on the official video for Vaginoplasty. I play a pool boy, go figure. Have fun watching this!!