New TV project in the works!

Hey gang! I’m excited to pre-announce a new project I’m working on with MTV, tentatively titled SHOWBIZ with Murray Hill. We’ll be shooting at night in the streets of NYC May and June, and airing episodes next month. Check back here and follow me on Twitter to find out how to get in on the fun. More to come! SHOWBIZ!

Murray named one of top 50 gender bender icons of all time by NY Magazine

New York Magazine named Murray one of the top fifty gender bender icons of all time along with Marlene Dietrich, John Cameron Mitchell, Divine, RuPaul, Katherine Hepburn, and many more. “It is this marginality that makes the cross-dresser so central to culture. Because if we are interested in men and women, and in the differences between them, we can’t help but be intrigued by those who defy such distinctions altogether. The fascination with cross-dressing recurs throughout history, from the performative, personal, and political, in culture highbrow and low. From Shakespeare to genderqueer, from Warhol to RuPaul, here are 50 transcendent icons:
check out the slideshow!