Press Quotes

“One of NYC’s most beloved institutions” –Time Out

“The reigning patriarch of downtown performance” –New York Times

“New York’s ambassador of good humor and master of the quick repartee.” –PAPER

“Murray Hill — in case you’ve never been lucky enough to catch his show — is old school showbiz, pure and simple. He’s gin martinis, expensive cigars and fancy suits. He’s laugh-out-loud hilarious.” –FLAVORPILL

“It may be the combination of brilliant self-depreciation and uninhibited wise-cracking that makes Murray Hill’s act so funny.” –VOICE

“Hill is a singing, dancing, schticking throwback to the comedy entertainers of yesteryear: the wild gesticulation vaudeville of Oliver Hardy, the boiling point masculinity of Jackie Gleason, and the mischievous ribaldry of Benny Hill.” –Boston Phoenix

“Hilarious host Murray Hill is a drag MASTER. He is one of the best comedians I’ve ever  seen; he has mastered the art of improv.  His interaction with the audience is pure brilliance.” –

Selected articles

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The Legendary Murray Hill – The Performer, Not the Neighborhood
–Times Sq. Chronicles
My New York: Murray Hill
–New York Post
Murray’s Bingo Night at LPR –Weekendnotes
LE BINGO on Saturday night –TimeOut
Holy Hill! Murray Records Record at Comix –New York Press
Murray Hill, Entertainer and Comedian –Gothamist
Murray Hill, interview –Baltimore City Paper
This is Burlesque –Feminist Review
Q & A With Entertainer, Murray Hill –
Opinionist: This Is Burlesque –Gothamist

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